Dominican Republic

In recent years, the Dominican Republic has rapidly become the most popular holiday destination in the Caribbean. With all-inclusive resorts sprinkled along endless white sand, palm-fringed beaches, you will be spoiled by the beauty and will feel transported from the stress and the hustle bustle of your everyday life left behind at home.  The Dominican Republic offers lots of sun, a luxurious stay and attentive service provided by the friendliest of people with the biggest smiles!

Dreaming in your hammock
It is wonderful to relax on the beach and dream in a hammock.   However, if your visit only consists of sun and beach time, you are missing out on a lot that the Dominican Republic has to offer.   You might want to explore the desert land, forests, hidden lagoons, mysterious valleys, enchanting caves, majestic mountains, refreshing waterfalls and much more for a memorable, more active holiday.

A visit to the Dominican Republic will mean hundreds of miles of pearl white or golden honey beaches and warm turquoise seas. You can dive, snorkel, surf, sail and do many other watersports.  The vast coastal area and the evergreen mountainous interior offer plenty of opportunities for active and adventurous holidays.  You can climb a mountain, go rafting, mountain biking, parasailing, ziplining or hiking in the jungle – either independently or under supervision of a guide or instructor.  If you prefer, you may choose to go touring with a buggy, motorcycle or ATV, and you’ll want to look into taking a boat to Isla Saona to see both the island and the beautiful area around it! Most anything is possible …

The Climate and Hurricanes

Sun and pleasant temperatures are standard year-round. The island has a tropical climate with a constant temperature (28-32 °C / 80-90 °F) and relatively high humidity, though the ever-present breeze helps to keep it tolerable.

Heavy short downpours can occur throughout the country at any time, and may actually be seen as welcome for the break from the hot Caribbean sun for as long as they last!   Hurricane season runs from early June to late November, with most activity in the months August and September.

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