Q. Is my wife covered?
A. Yes

Q. Are my children covered and up to what age?
A. Yes – up to 18yrs, and up to 23 if in fulltime education

Q. Do I need to travel with my wife so she can be  covered ?
A. No, she can enjoy peace of mind knowing that she has complete cover on her trips with the girls!

Q.Do I have to book with the club to avail of the insurance?
A. No, your insurance covers you no matter what your travel arrangements

Q. Is it worldwide?
A. Yes

Q. Can I travel as many times throughout the year as I like?
A. Yes

Q. Do I need to notify the club every time I travel?
A. No.  But if you are 80years or over you must do so.

Q.  I’m planning to take a motorbike tour of France.  Does my Club insurance cover me?

A.  In common with virtually all travel insurance policies, you will need additional cover for the bike.  Contact us to arrange same.

For further information on insurance, see our dedicated insurance page.


Q.  How long before deductions start after submitting membership form?
A.  This normally takes one week for serving Gardai and up to two months for retired members.

Q. Can non-Club members book through Garda Holiday and Travel Club.
A.  Yes, but they do not receive the discounts we afford to members.

Q.  Can my sister join?
A.  Yes.   The Garda Holiday and Travel Club is open to families of members.  Contact us for further details.

Q.   I am a civil servant working in the Garda Organisation – can I join the Garda Travel Club?

A.   Indeed you can.  Membership is not only open to ‘non-sworn’ members of the Garda organsation, but also to other areas of the public service.  Contact us for more details.

Before you Travel

Q.  Is there a charge if I pay with a debit/credit card?
A.  There is no charge for Laser.  However, Visa/Mastercards incur a 2% charge.

Q.  What other payment options have I?
A.  You can pay in cash by calling into our office, or by cheque, draft, money order.

Q.  I have paid a deposit.  When do I have to pay the balance?
A.  This depends on the tour operator we have partnered you with.  However it is normally eight to ten weeks before you are due to depart.

Q.  When can I expect to receive my travel tickets?
A.  Normally 7 to 10 days before your departure date.  Should you prefer, we can email you vouchers and other documentation.


Q.  On the old website you had a list of Irish Hotels and prices.  Why is this not on the new site?
A.  Between recessions, NAMA, and other issues, it  is no longer practical to do this as hotel prices constantly change almost daily and we could not guarantee accurate informtion to our members.

Q.  I have been a member of the Garda Travel Club for years and we used to get a booklet every year with a list of hotels that had deals with the Club.  Is this no longer being done?
A.  Unfortunately not, for the same reasons as in the previous answer.

Car Hire

Q.  I am going abroad next month and want to hire a car.  I don’t have a credit card and have heard that I need one to get car hire.  Is this so?

A.  Unless you have a credit card you can not hire a car.  This is the policy of all car hire companies and outside the control of the Garda Travel Club.

Q.  I want to book car hire using my wife’s credit card, but I will be the only driver as she doesn’t have a full licence.  

A.  The hire companies will not accept this.  The booking must be made in the name of the lead driver and the credit card must also be that of the lead driver.