A Passage to India

Exotic, historic, magic, majestic, Ghandi, Bollywood and The Jungle Book.  This are all descriptions which might spring to mind if one was playing a responsive word game and asked to say the first thing that comes to mind when the word India is mentioned.

As a destination India has always been flexible enough to match any budget – a backpacker’s paradise or high level luxury for those that have more rupees in the back pocket.  The iconic image of the Taj Mahal is as synonymous a  symbol of India as the Cliffs of Moher are of Ireland.  But India is now offers much, much more.  Whilst retaining that which it is famous for, India is now expanding its horizons and realising that its reputation for spirituality and wellness is an asset that can be sold to visitors.  Additionally, it is also making use of its mountains and beaches to offer adventure, skiing and sun holidays.

Perhaps the ultimate experience might be the Maharaja Express – spend 7 nights travelling from Mumbai to Delhi, aboard sheer luxury with Wi-Fi, individual climate control, with stop-offs like Jaipur, and a safari through Ranthambore National Park.   All the while enjoying top class accomodation and cuisine, with a range of rooms from deluxe rooms to suites.

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