Cheltenham is renowned as the greatest festival in national hunt racing.   Only the bravest and strongest horses and jockeys are victoriouswith lady luck playing no small part in deciding winners.
The Garda Travel Club can bring you there and back, and help you savour the atmosphere that becomes a little toe of Ireland in the foot of the Cotswolds.

The festival features a cast of the best horses, jockeys and trainers playing to an audience of thousands, all of who are determined to have the time of their lives. For racing’s professionals, victory in the Gold Cup is how greatness is measured and how careers are defined.

Witness the rapturous cheers of the crowd as an Irish winner is led in in triumph.   Cheltenham is one of those rare events that exude pleasure, passion and fun in equal measure. For anyone who appreciates top class sport and the opportunity to share a special experience with like-minded people, it truly is worth experiencing.
Contact us at the Garda Travel Club and we can help you jump across the Irish Sea.   .

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