They say opposites attract – maybe you want to sit back, read a book or just take the rays as the golden sands of 100kms of beach trickle through your toes.  Simultaneously, your more active partner could be snorkelling with turtles amongst the coral reefs, or catching the wind in the sails of their windsurf.

If so, then you could find yourself  in Barbados, where the Garda Holiday and Travel Club can help you realise that dream holiday.

Whether for romantic couples or family holidays, Barbados really can cater for all.  Bring that old mafia saying of ‘sleeping with the fishes’ to life as you take a submarine voyage amongst the marine life.   Imagine the thrill of kids and adults alike as you gaze in wonderment through one of the many portholes at sea life and shipwrecks in a modern, air-conditioned sub.

Pub Quiz time – where is the home of rum?   You’ve guessed it, and as a reward to yourself why not take the tour and enlighten yourself as to how this popular drink is made.  And to authenticate your visit, try a sample to warm your cockles me hearty!

Duty Free

Leave a bit of room in your case for some shopping.  Barbados is a duty free island, so leave some time for a visit to the capital, Bridgetown.  Many stores will even arrange delivery of your purchases to the airport for you.

For the holiday with everything, why not contact us now at Garda Holiday and Travel Club and let us help you plan and fulfil your holiday dream.

Garda Travel Club trip tip:   No visa required for Irish citizens

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