Berlin, a city of beauty……

Thinking of a city break in Europe, Berlin has it all to offer….arts, culture, sightseeing, great food and nightlife and to state the obvious, a rich historical past to explore.

Start with a wander around, Alexanderplatz, which is one of the most famous squares in Berlin and certainly the largest. Alexanderplatz took on its present form in the 1960’s after it had been largely destroyed in World War II.

Continue to the Brandenberg Gate, one of Germany’s most famous landmarks.  While being the only remaining city gate of Berlin formerly used to represent the separation of the city between East and West Berlin.  Since the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 the Brandenburg Gate has now come to symbolise German unity.  While you’re there check out the Adlon Kempinski Hotel, where Michael Jackson dangled his son over the balcony. 🙂


If you’re a sports fan,  the Berlin Olympic Stadium is a must see,  this year’s host of the UEFA Cup Final.  Take a guided tour of the stadium and find out it’s history aswell as taking in the magnificient views .

If you want to escape the city,  must-sees include Potsdam’s glorious park and palace Sanssouci and Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp.  It’s practically impossible not to be enchanted by the rambling park and palace ensemble of Schloss Sanssouci at Potsdam

Berlin has it all, you will not be disappointed, contact us for flights and accommodation.



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