Camping – the Great Family Holiday

Camping – one of the great rituals of life and passages of rite  – be it scouting trips in those basic but functional, and (sometimes) waterproof tents or music festivals where sleep and comfort were way down the priority list.   The memories of arriving home to parents crinkling their noses at the pungent odours of woodsmoke and unwashed teenagers are forever treasured!

Modern camping with Garda Holiday and Travel Club is a long way removed from that.   If fact, use of the latest jargon of ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping) would be more appropriate.

Along with our travel partners we can offer you a vast range of accommodation styles.   You can have a tent – affording you much more comfort than those of your youthful memories.   Or choose from a range of mobile homes, with or without air-conditioning, decking and barbeque.

If you want something more plush there are chalets or lodges or for the more adventurous, or closer to nature, you can try the real eco-option – a tree or lake house which are electricity and running water free (as in none, rather than FOC!).   You can also combine traditional accommodation with a couple of nights in a tree or lake house.

Many people who have never taken a camping holiday might think they would prefer something more luxurious than camping.  Well, some of our resorts offer indulgences more associated with five-star hotel retreats – spa treatments, golfing, fishing and wine tasting.

Naturally, most of our resorts are geared towards all the family getting the maximum enjoyment.  Our resorts cater for kids of all ages – including those “I’m soo booored” teenagers – with climbing walls, kayaking, zip wire, archery, and more on offer!

Kids are divided into categories – crèche for the very small, mini kids clubs for the “I’m not small, I’m just not tall” 3-5 year olds, junior clubs for up to 12years along with the aforementioned teen activities.

Some resorts even operate a ‘grandparents stay free’ scheme.

Getting there
Although France is the most popular destination, our travel partners operate resorts in Spain, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Croatia, Netherlands, UK and USA and Canada.  Let us help you decide whether your best option is fly or drive – depending on the resort you choose.

And, don’t forget, your comprehensive, year-round travel insurance for all the family is included in your Garda Holiday and Travel Club membership.

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