Don’t Fight them on the Beaches

At the Garda Travel Club, we are always conscious of the genetic DNA of the Irish.  Home of the flame-haired, with green fields and velvet skin being generated by our ‘soft’ climate.   At this stage you are probably starting to think..’where are they going with this’?

Escorted Tours

Well read on, because while we are highlighting our sun holidays for 2013, we also want to raise your awareness of other options, such as escorted tours to European and Worldwide detinations.   Instead of free kids, maybe you’re kids free or maybe they’ve outgrown the beach, apartments, kids clubs and are ready to have their horizons broadened.

So where we’re going is tempting you to leave behind the Costas and get into the mountains and historic cities of Spain, or further north abandon the Normandy coastal camp sites and check out Provence or the Loire Valley.  Moving north east you can sample hand made chocolates in Bruges (sans Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson).  And keeping on the Colin Farrell theme, if you take our Turkey tour you can relive one of his ‘turkey’s’ – the blockbuster that wasn’t – Troy.  It also includes Istanbul and Ephesus. lions sa

We also offer the opportunity to take your tour farther afield.  A sixteen day tour of South Africa will enable you visit Rourke’s Drift, Kruger National Park, the Winelands of the Western Cape, and more.   Keep trekking east and we can have you sampling the grandeur of India from €1,500, or spend a bit more and include Nepal and the peak of the world, Mount Everest.

If your preference is to go west, the we have tours of California and the Golden West encompasing Yosemite National Park and the Gsan franrand Canyon, San Francisco, L.A. and San Diego.  This 15 day sojourn can be had from just over €2,000.

And there’s more

Escorted tours really can help you get the best from your holiday, ensuring you’re not wasting time, deciding what to do or trying to find attractions.   And we have even more destinations that we can offer our members.  If you have somewhere else in mind, call us now at 01-8822500.  No matter what your destination, as a member of Garda Travel Club, you and your family are covered by our comprehensive multi-trip travel insurance.



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