Honeymoon Specialists

Your honeymoon should be the most memorable holiday of your life.  For all the right reasons, it should live in your memories to the very end.  However, it also coincides with the biggest event you’ll have experienced in your lifetime – your wedding. We know that men can’t multi-task like women, which is probably why virtually all of the wedding planning and ancillary matters are left to the ladies. Sure isn’t it more than enough (from a man’s perspective!) to expect the groom to turn up, shaved, dressed and be generally presentable with the rings and best man in tow.

Why not take the pressure off, by letting the Garda Holiday and Travel Club organise your honeymoon, while you concentrate on the nuptials themselves. Call in to our offices, where you can sit down and discuss your needs with our specialist honeymoon consultant.

Perhaps you are planning to get away from all the hassle of choosing a venue, deciding on who to invite (or more controversially who to leave out!).  Should you be thinking of having your wedding in a romantic overseas setting, the Garda Travel Club, in conjunction with our travel partners, can take care of your needs.

So whether you are going to Europe or further afield, call us now. Let us help with your honeymoon destination to ease you and your loved one along the road to the rest of your life – destination happiness.

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