The Islands of Madeira, Portugal..

Madeira has a wonderful natural beauty with tropical gardens and spectacular panoramic views. Its green mountains, cliffs, flowers, valleys, sun and its blue sea, happiness and hospitality combine to create an island of sublime peace.

A popular destination of real diversity and year round holiday attractions, Madeira’s gentle climate is neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter. Madeira is one of the only European destinations able to grow bananas all year round, proving the ‘Always Summer’ feeling.

Take a breathtaking trip to the Botanic Gardens in Funchal on the island of Madeira. The gardens are very walkable and don’t require a great length of time to cover. The highlights include beautiful Birds of Paradise plants along with some exotic orchids. The Madeira Story Centre is an amazing interactive museum where you will find an archive of information of the Archipelago’s History, from its volcanic beginnings to seaplanes, from the Discoveries to Napoleon and Churchill.

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