Portugal, the Douro Valley…

The Douro Valley could as easily be called the enchanted valley, such is the beauty and magic that its landscapes offer.  The region is located in the North of Portugal, extending from the city of Porto to the eastern border, where the Port wine production activities and the unique scenery sculpted by the Douro river and its tributaries are highlights not to be missed.

This is one of the most stunning landscapes in Portugal and has been recognised as a world hertitage site.

Visit the city of Porto, where you will find remarkable buildings lining the riverbanks. Many of these buildings are directly linked to the production of wine and bear witness to the urban development that this production has provoked over the years. On the opposite bank of the river you will find the city of Vila Nova de Gaia, a hive of commercial activity with the famous Port wine cellars.

A boat trip through the waters of the “Douro”, offers a magnificent picture of Porto.  Or take a longer trip through the whole Douro Valley.  Various durations are available to suit your schedule.

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