FBI, SAS –  acronyms that might send you running for the hills.   And you may be right, but not quite in the way you think.

Here at the Garda Travel Club those letters stand for countries that host our many ski and snow destinations – France, Bulgaria, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia.   Other resorts we can send you to include Andorra, Norway and, should you have it in mind (and pocket) to travel farther afield, even the US and Canada!
If you want to keep costs low but enjoyment high, Bulgaria and Andorra offer good standards of accommodation with skiing and snowboarding for all levels of expertise.   There is also lively nightlife if you have any energy left after a day on the slopes.  Don’t forget Andorra is also a tax haven, with great savings to be made on perfumes, electrical goods, and of course the traditional aprés ski ‘lubricant’.   If your local publican thinks the off-licence is undercutting him, best not to let him in on the secret of the price of a ‘drop’ in Andorra.

Then again, you may prefer to spend a little extra so why not try Austria, the birthplace of Strauss and Mozart, but perhaps more importantly from our angle – downhill skiing.
For many, Austria will evoke eclectic thoughts of schnapps and the Sound of Music.  You can enjoy shorter transfer journey times from the airport to your resort.   Flying from Dublin or Cork to Salzburg, you can be at the resort of St. Johan within an hour and a half of leaving the airport.   And if St. Johan is not for you, select from a choice of over twenty other Austrian resorts which Garda Travel Club has to offer.

If France is your belle, you can sample champagne in Chamonix, and if you have a family or friends who want to go but aren’t keen on skiing, there are plenty of non-ski activities.   These range from archery and rifle shooting, to husky sledding and igloo building.

If you’re planning to go on the piste contact us at the Garda Travel Club and let us take care of your reservation.  Remember, members of Garda Holiday and Travel Club receive 10% discount and can rest easy knowing that our comprehensive insurance policy covers all the family for your ski holiday.

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