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“Young, skinny and wiry youngfella, willing to risk death”….ah God be with the days when one would fit that description.  Well most of it anyway, but willing to risk death daily?  Sure three out of four isn’t bad.
Believe it or not, that was wording used in an ad for Pony Express riders in 1860 – it even added that one had to be less than 18 years and orphans were preferred.
Now that famous route is being recreated, but thankfully, the young, wiry and brave bit is no longer a pre-requisite.  What is, however, is a desire to ride the route on a motorcycle, and raise much needed funds for charity.
One of Garda Travel Club’s partners, Celtic Horizon Tours, has just launched this high profile fundraising Trans-American ride. And with support from Today FM and the Star, a number of Irish charities are set to gain.   Among them, Crumlin Hospital, Dogs for the Disabled, Premature Babies, Enable Ireland, War Child, Special Olympics Ireland and others.  Participants are not obliged to support the nominated charities, they may also nominate their own.

US mcycle

Departing Chicago in August next year, and culminating in Sacramento, the trip will cover some 2,000 miles in 14 days. A bit slower than the original Pony Express riders, who managed it in 10 days, even though they only had 1 horsepower at a time under them!
If holidaying by motorcycle appeals to you, but you don’t want to start knocking on doors to raise funds, we have a number of US, UK and Irish options available. These include USA west coast, the iconic Route 66, good road and beautiful scenery in Wales or Scotland and many more.

Give us a call at 01- 8822500 for further details.

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