Valencia, a Spanish City Break…..

Thinking of Spain for a  getaway, already done Madrid and Barcelona?  Well Spain’s  third-largest city Valencia, is only 3 hrs away and is a must:)   It is thriving in all areas that you want for a weekend city break….. culturally, great nightlife and gastronomically.

If architecture is your passion, both contemporary and historical buildings grace the city.  There is a fistful of great museums and a large, characterful old quarter.

Valencia, surrounded by the fertile fruit-and-veg farmland La Huerta, is famous as the home of rice dishes like paella but its buzzy dining scene offers plenty more besides.

The Albufera Nature Park will transport you to a world of untouched, pure nature where the only sounds you’ll hear are the birds singing and the sound of the water. Unspoiled by and protected against man, the reserve is located just 10 km out of the city. A visit here will show you the Valencian passion for the environment and help you to discover the origins of Valencian gastronomy.


It’s known for its City of Arts and Sciences, with futuristic structures including a planetarium, an oceanarium and an interactive museum. Valencia also has several beaches, including some within nearby Albufera park, a wetlands reserve with a lake, walking trails and bird-watching.

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